RV Storage just north of London Ontario

  • Have an RV that you need to store?
  • Want an RV but don’t know where to park it?

Whatever the case, you’ll love everything about us at North London Storage:


Our customer service

Heather and Rob Elliott

  • Honest
  • Friendly
  • Personal

We treat you like a friend

As an entirely family-owned, family-operated business, we give you direct, personal service.

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Our storage facility

Our storage facility

  • Clean
  • Conveniently located
  • Accessible 7 days a week

A great place to keep your RV

Find out more about our indoor and outdoor storage options, our fair prices and roomy spaces, security measures, convenient location, and everything else that makes North London Storage the Friendly & Convenient Place for RVs.

Our solutions for you

  • Store your RV in a secure facility.
  • free-up space in your own driveway

Make your RV dreams come true!

We have tips and news about what the London City by-law states about parking RVs in the city, and other RV and storage information.

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