How do I get started renting a storage space for my RV?

Please contact us to schedule an appointment before bringing your RV for storage. You will be required to sign a lease agreement with us.

What kind of lease do I sign when renting an RV storage space?

There is a lease agreement for tenants to complete, which is month to month.
The only exception is that the lease for indoor storage during winter months is for a minimum of five months rental (November to March).

When I take my motorhome out of storage for a vacation can I leave my car at North London Storage?

Yes. For your convenience, you can park your car in your motorhome space while you are on your vacation.

Do I have access to my RV in the winter?

If a customer wants to remove their RV during the winter they must make arrangements in advance for snow removal.

What does the City of London By-law state about trailer storage?

The City of London Parking by-law 4.19 section 11 states:  No recreational vehicle, trailer or boat shall be parked or stored on any part of a lot in a Residential Zone, except for one recreational vehicle which:  a) is owned by the occupant of the said lot; and b) where it has dimensions not greater than 2.4 metres (7.9 feet) of width, 2.4 metres (7.9 feet) of height above ground, nor 6.0 metres (20.0 feet) of length. [emphasis added]

Do you have any helpful advice about RV storage?

See our Tips & News section for more general tips on storing your RV.